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“My son joined Gina’s daycare (Number1 daycare) at just nine months old but I felt completely happy leaving him in Gina’s capable hands. I always knew he had a happy time as he came home smiling and we loved reading about what he’d been up to during the day in his diary. My son is now three and, under Gina’s care and guidance, has grown up into a confident and chatty little boy. Far from hindering his speech development, the bi-lingual environment has given him a huge start in life by being able to speak both languages. Gina’s also given me such confidence as well, guiding me through the best approach for potty training and sleep training my son. I cannot recommend Number1daycare more highly!”

Bilingual Education:

Give Your Child a Gift. Give them Bilingualism

It is stated that the languages which a child uses from birth are the starting point for learning new languages later. That is why it is important that from the beginning, a child can enjoy language acquisition, regardless of whether or not the child is from a mono or multilingual family or which languages the family uses in their daily life.

“Since I was brought up in a single language family and always found language learning difficult” a mother says, “I feel strongly that we have given our children a great gift by giving them multiple languages from early childhood. They are blessed with bilingual brains!”

Our Vision

“My son thrived in the care of Gina and her team. Gina has created a wonderful atmosphere in which children feel happy, confident and secure. She and her team show such warmth and care for all the children and the atmosphere feels more like a home than a sterile nursery. The children are treated like members of a big family and Gina exemplifies this by holding parties for children and parents throughout the year for Halloween, Christmas etc. My son was 2 when he first went and was encouraged in so many ways to learn and experience new things. Gina is also fantastic and being firm but fair and her and her team make sure all the children show kindness and respect for each other. Gina is great at communicating and I always felt that I knew of any issues early on so that they could be effectively dealt with. Now that my son has left, we miss seeing everyone there and the daily warm welcomes! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Number One Daycare. ”

“My daughter has been at Number1daycare for 4 days a week since she was 18 months old, and she is now 2.5 yrs. She had a particularly difficult time with separation anxiety when she first started, but Gina was very flexible and honest which helped us all through the settling in period. My daughter now thoroughly enjoys her time at daycare and all of the structured activities that Gina and her assistants arrange during her day. I am pleased that her development is monitored and fed back to me on a regular basis, and I can see what she’s done each day in her daily diary. Alongside this I appreciate the extra effort Gina goes to for parties on special occasions like Halloween and Christmas to make them memorable times for the children. Since the beginning, I have felt comfortable leaving my daughter in Gina’s capable hands and I would not hesitate to recommend her service.”

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“Gina and her Number 1 Daycare team have been looking after our little boy for nearly a year now.

The development we’ve seen in him has been incredible and he has absolutely loved his time there. Having the bi-lingual element to his learning has been fantastic, and it has been wonderful hearing his first words in both Spanish and English.

Gina and her team are all very lovely people and we could very quickly see how much they love children and our little boy just beams with delight when we hand him over each morning.

It gives us great comfort to know he is in such a safe and happy environment.”

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