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At Number 1 Day Care, we grasp the significance of a child’s formative years. With an unwavering commitment to holistic development and personalised care, we have established ourselves as a beacon in childcare near you. Our nursery is not just a place where children are looked after, but a space where they begin to forge their own paths in a loving and stimulating environment.

 A Comprehensive Approach to Child Development

We prioritise a holistic approach in caring for children, integrating intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development. Our innovative play-based curriculum is designed to promote learning through exploration and creativity, supported by a team of trained professionals dedicated to excellence in childcare in the UK.

 Collaboration and Communication with Families

Collaboration between parents and staff is crucial in our approach to child care assistance. We maintain open channels of communication to ensure we understand and meet the individual expectations and needs of each family, thus providing the best possible care.

 Valuing Individuality and Promoting Diversity

At Number 1 Day Care, each child is recognised and valued for their individuality. Our educational setting offers rich and varied experiences that foster independence and problem-solving skills. We actively celebrate cultural and family diversity, connecting with the local community to enrich the children’s educational experience with outdoor activities and excursions.

 Commitment to Staff Training

We acknowledge that well-trained staff is essential for the healthy development of children. Therefore, we constantly invest in training and professional development, ensuring our team is equipped to provide affective and effective teaching.

 Our Mission

Our mission at Number 1 Day Care is clear: to respect each child as a unique individual and promote their comprehensive development in a safe and stimulating environment. Investing in the early years is investing in the future, preparing children to become intelligent and considerate adults.

 Personalised Childcare Services

We offer an array of services tailored to the specific developmental needs of children from six weeks to five years old. Our services include:

1.  Full-Day Care :

   – Care from six weeks to five years.

   – Flexible full-time or part-time options.

2.  Customised Childcare :

   – Tailor-made care packages.

   – Childminders matched to your family’s specific needs.

3.  Emergency/Ad-hoc Childcare :

   – Support for parents with emergency childcare services.

   – Flexibility for unexpected needs.

4.  Babysitting Service :

   – Availability for special events.

   – Rigorously vetted and trained babysitters.

 Additional Benefits :

   –  Childcare Discounts : We collaborate with employers to offer childcare vouchers, reducing costs for parents and businesses.

   –  Emergency Babysitting Service : A dependable plan for members requiring immediate assistance, covering Wandsworth and surrounding areas.

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At Number 1 Day Care, our vision extends beyond daily care; we broaden our support to families in all conceivable situations. Discover the flexibility and confidence we offer in our approach to childcare, where your child is our utmost priority. Join our family and experience exceptional childcare that makes a difference!

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