Bilingual Education

Give Your Child a Gift. Give them Bilingualism

It is stated that the languages which a child uses from birth are the starting point for learning new languages later. That is why it is important that from the beginning, a child can enjoy language acquisition, regardless of whether or not the child is from a mono or multilingual family or which languages the family uses in their daily life.

“Since I was brought up in a single language family and always found language learning difficult” a mother says, “I feel strongly that we have given our children a great gift by giving them multiple languages from early childhood. They are blessed with bilingual brains!”

Different and better opportunities

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A bilingual child is able to communicate with a wider variety of people and will have economic advantages in their future. Research has even shown advantages in improved thinking skills among bilingual individuals.

Children, who learn more than one language in their formative years, will acquire those languages with more ease and “native-like” ability than they would by trying to study those languages post adolescence.

Bilingualism helps small children to make sense of the world about them and to discover the excitement of communication. Once children know how to use one language, they can usually learn another one very quickly.

Meet the family

Our members of staff are carefully selected not only for their skills and qualifications but also for their caring and loving personalities. We are extremely proud of them and we all work as a family. This creates a wonderful loving environment, full of positive energy which children and parents sense the moment they walk through the door.

Description Multisports Lessons

We are a childcare committed to the belief that every child deserves opportunities to succeed. That is why we work in collaboration with a company called Active Little Angels to give children the opportunity to develop their physical skills, and also their confidence and discipline. Active Little Angels focuses on each child’s happiness and enjoyment. All classes are designed to develop skills of different sports, and also they are focused on children’s own individual strengths and weaknesses, so every child progresses at their own pace with professional support.

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  1. I have a strong desire to enroll my daughter in a dual language immersion program due to the numerous benefits it offers. One compelling reason is what you said about how the opportunity for her to become bilingual, which would enable her to communicate with a diverse range of individuals. Personally, I believe that embracing different languages and cultures fosters a broader worldview and promotes empathy and understanding. By immersing my daughter in a dual language program, I hope to instill in her a deep appreciation for diversity and the value of multiculturalism.

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